To say it was bad timing would be an understatement.

I officially started blogging for the day sports shut down (RIP Live Sports). With basically 99% of my content slashed, it was time to take a long hard look at what else interests me & what I wanted to blog about.

With that said – today is day 1 of a Luka Doncic deep dive. I am a life long Dallas Mavericks fan, so this is a very exciting topic for me.

Today’s viz will focus on how much the Mavs truly needed Luka & how he single handedly turned a fledgling franchise into one of the most exciting franchises in the NBA.

This viz shows the Dallas Mavericks win % over the past 4 years.

Luka Donic Effect2

As you can see the Mavericks were bottoming out as a franchise in 2017-2018 with a 29.3 winning %. In Luka’s rookie year, the Mavericks improved their win % to 40.2, but here is the remarkable part. In Luka’s second season he legitimately made the Mavericks into a winner and a playoff contender.

As of today, the Mavericks have a 59.7 winning %, which is an improvement of 30.4% over 2 years. This all being done by a 21 year old that is still figuring out the league. It’s time to face the facts – Luka is doing things no other Mav has done & that includes Dirk.

As a lifelong Mavs fan I did not have much faith in Mark Cuban and the Mavs to rebuild into a legit contender – well egg on my face.

All hail Luka the God & the Mavs new trajectory.

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