Guy Freaks Out On A Reporter


Welcome to our first full week without sports. Not sure what to blogs are going to look like over the next few months but we’re going to try and get creative.

This dude losing his shut at 6 in the morning is a wild move. Poor lady is just trying to report and pleated pants Pete is having none of it. Also, how breathable is that shirt? My god this guy has no idea what size clothes he wears.

The best part is him finishing this hissy fit with, ‘goodbye, have a good morning.’ Doesn’t work like that buddy. Can’t drop 59 F bombs right in someone’s face over the span of 20 seconds and then just say have a good morning like nothing happened. Would have had a lot more respect for him if he just double downed and told this lady to eat a dick. Or look at the camera and said ‘I’m coming for all of you!’ Can’t dip your toe in crazy and then say JK.

Ps: He’s definitely just out of toilet paper and needs to shit pretty bad.

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