Jimmy Butler Details Why He Didn’t Come Back To The Sixers And Brett Brown Taking The Ball Out Of Ben’s Hands In The Playoffs





So Jimmy Butler finally discusses the reason he never came back to the Sixers. He hinted at it multiple times throughout the season that it would all come out. It turns out he HATED Brett Brown and Brett took the ball out of the hands of Ben Simmons in the playoffs. Jimmy was calling for him to get the ball more, with Brett never giving in, saying it runs “through A to B”. So why in the playoffs would Brett decide it was the time to give Jimmy more control. This is what I don’t understand about Brett. He just never seems to get out of his own way. You have two superstars that people say can’t work with each other, trade them. Well you’re a coach in the NBA who has come up under the tutelage of one of the best coaches ever and have 30 years of experience coaching. FIGURE IT OUT! These kind of moves tell me that Brett just doesn’t have it to make the correct calls in certain situations.

Jimmy mentioned if he had the ball taken out of his hands in the playoffs after him running the offense this year he’d be pissed. This may explain why when Brett directly called out Ben to shoot more 3’s, Ben basically told him to go fuck himself.



You can’t tell me that Brett has that locker room’s ear. And before you play the Jimmy Butler isn’t a good team player card. He was right about that Bulls team and he was right about that Wolves team. It’s not always the guy that leaves. We should be embracing Jimmy. He’s one of the last of a dying breed of a player that just gives a shit. Look at Miami he’s been willing them to a top-4 seed and Bam Adebayo is an All-Star now. He inspired guys to not go to LIV and instead workout at 4am.


This is the most glaring story from the whole interview. The Sixers organization doesn’t seem like they have any organization. It seems like there’s no true leader on the team. No true voice for people to go to whether it’s Elton Brand or Brett or even Ben or Joel. It just seems like this team struggles with leadership, which should be apparent by their road record this season.



This excerpt from the interview is even more glaring. From 94WIP:

Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 10.43.24 AM


I don’t have much more to say. It just feels like there is no leadership on the team and no one wants to ever speak up when things are going bad. The team just feels like it’s full of a bunch of guys, that are great guys, but just want to get in there and get out like it’s a 9-5 job in corporate. No one wants to be the Alpha on that team and Jimmy sniffed it out in three weeks. I know people are going to discredit this interview as Jimmy being a scorned lover or provide a fact he was the main reason why he left and no one else, but…


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