Ben Simmons Is Out Another Three Weeks


I’m not going to do what you’re think I’m going to do…freak out….call for all of the Sixers Doctors heads and threaten their family. In a turn of events I’m kind of happy they’re treating Ben with caution because we’re going to need him for the Finals run. Yes, the Finals run. Which is now back on because the team is going to rally around Jimmy Butler’s comments today and go on a run.

Let’s not rush Ben back. We can win with a team of Joel Embiid returning this week with Tobi, Josh Richardson, and Shake Milton who are viable candidates to win the next couple of weeks until Ben’s healed. I mean do we really want Ben cleared to return before he should be? Josh Richardson couldn’t even look at his phone two days ago and the Sixers medical staff cleared him.



Wrap Ben in a bubble and don’t let the Medical staff near him for three weeks.

Take two of these and let me re-evaluate ya a month from now – Sixers Medical Staff (probably).



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