Al Horford Tries to Ruin Great Night for Sixers by Shushing Fans Who Booed Him For Sucking at Basketball

In what was a magnificent showing from the Sixers at home to get back on track after an abysmal, it just felt like everything was going right. When Furkan Korkmaz is going 13/17 and saying in post-game press conferences “I just made it rain”, it’s just your night.

And it was. They shut down Ja Morant, Ben Simmons had a very efficient double-double, and they had 97 points by the end of the 3rd quarter. So aside from Joel Embiid leaving early with neck stiffness, what could put a damper on this bounce-back Sixers win? HOW ABOUT AL HORFORD SHUSHING THE CROWD AFTER A MADE BUCKET BECAUSE THEY BOOED HIM IN PRE-GAME INTRODUCTIONS.

The softest part of this narc move? The three he shushed the crowd on, was actually reversed and ruled a 2 pointer. It was part of a 23-5 run…for the Grizzlies.

I’m not going to let Al Horford ruin this night. He has already ruined *checks how many games the Sixers have played*

This night is for Kurkman Forkmaz shooting the lights out until his arm fell off. This night is for Josh Richardson being back and being a dawg. This is for Norvel Pelle earning a well deserved NBA contract and hilariously jumping out of the gym on every play. Most importantly, this night was for winning and getting back on track.

This night will not be ruined by Demarco Murray, er, Al Horford.

I’m not even going to let Al Horford be the last words uttered in this blog. Tonight is all about the people’s champ, KURKMAN FORKMAZ:

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