Gritty vs. The 13 Year Old Kid, The Thrilla In South Phila, Would Be The Biggest Pay Per View Ever + New Shirt



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Buy a shirt from DSGN Tree Here.

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Buy a shirt from DSGN Tree Here.


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Buy a shirt from DSGN Tree Here.

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You might’ve heard the story how Gritty gave the ol’ 1-2 combo to the back of some 13 year old’s head yesterday. If you’ve been living under a rock you can read all about it here. But when I say this is the greatest shirt Branded Sports has ever created, I mean this is the greatest shirt ever created. I think Wells Fargo should be on the horn right now with this kid and Gritty to get this fight on pay-per-view stat live from the Wells Fargo Center. Tickets would sell out before you can say, “Travis Konecny is an All-Star”. Everyone needs to buy this shirt and wear it around the Wells Fargo Center to let every 13 year old who tries to step to you that you mean business. If you’re a season ticket holder it’s almost required for you to buy this because Chris Greenwell and his kid made every season ticket holder look bad. You spend your hard earned money every year and support this team when they really haven’t given us much in return since 2010. You and everyone in your family deserve a shirt. Also, DSGN Tree makes the most comfortable shirt I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing. 


Buy a piece of history HERE.




P.S. People fucking love Gritty. The “official fan club of Gritty” is doing a tougher investigation into Chris Greenwell’s and his kid’s allegations than the District Attorney during the Aaron Hernandez trial. You come at the king you best not miss.

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