Tom Brady Says He Is A Little Baby Back Bitch And Hasn’t Stopped Thinking About Super Bowl 52*

*I mean he didn’t actually say that but he might as well have.

An angry Tom Brady is a terrifying Tom Brady, I will admit that. But Philly is currently living rent free in the mind of the greatest quarterback of all time. It’s sad to see a guy like Brady fall this far from grace. Old Tommy wouldn’t say a word. He’d just show up and chew that ass up. Now he has to resort to these types of tactics. You hate to see it from such a legend. Maybe it’s just time for Brady to hang it up. Maybe the thought of Brandon Graham chasing him down for another game winning strip sack is just too much to mentally handle.

Makes you think, does Tom Brady need this game for his legacy? Has Douggy P become the Brady/Belichick whisperer? New England comes into Philly this weekend and loses they are in real danger of not clinching the #1 seed in the AFC. They would have to go back to Baltimore in December. Nightmare scenario. The Eagles could virtually end the Patriots’ season this Sunday and their “fearless” leader knows it. This isn’t Brady just answering a question. No, this is a cry for help.


And go MOTHER FUCKING BIRDS!!!!!!!!!!!

Featured Image: NBC Sports

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