College Football Roundup – Week 9

When you hear the Week 9 College Football Roundup is posted:

College Football Week 9 is in the books! We had a ton of Top-25 matchups, insane catches, upsets, and some bad beats.

Here is the current AP Top 25 with LSU unseating Alabama at #1 adding a little fuel to the fire when they face each other in two weeks!

The most exciting play in football, the Flea Flicker, we saw twice! If you’re Oklahoma though you may not want to copy anything Florida State does.

Even though Oklahoma lost to a double digit dog for the 8th time in 9 years I think we can cement CeeDee Lamb as the best WR in college. Sidenote: CeeDee Lamb definitely searches himself on Twitter & IG. I have no evidence, but I feel like this is 100% true.

Liberty football stand up!

Nothing hits better then the weed in Oregon.

Friendly reminder punters are people too

Ohio State vs Wisconsin

Very surprised women wasn’t ranked 5th in the OSU Core Values

Chase Young is an absolute monster and OSU might have three representatives at the Heisman ceremony this year. He will then be selected 8th in the NFL draft and half of the QBs selected before him will flame out before their Rookie Deals are over.

Live by Jump Around, die by Jump Around. This is the second straight week the Badgers have lost and the opposing team plays House of Pain.

And then the Ohio State band put my mind in a pretzel. How people can be that coordinate and that organized in life boggles my mind.

Bad couple of weeks to be a Red Raider. Texas Tech is 3-5, Patrick Mahomes goes down, and now you lose to Kansas in the wildest way imaginable.

Game of the Week: Auburn @ LSU:


Joe Burrows loses my Heisman vote with this showing of un-sportsmanship. There better have been a fine in his dorm from the NBA on Monday.


When you’re playing the best team in the nation anything goes to eek out a win.

‘The SEC, It Just Means More’

Big #72 just escorted him out of the club!

Give a bunch of drunk college kids flags they’ll make great use of them.

College Football Weekly Roundup is going International!

You have to hand in your pads after you get stiff armed to hell. Those the rules.

Head on a swivel when you’re on the social team!

No ticket is worth all the money in the world to watch your team get their dick stomped in the pouring rain.


Football weather:

Offensive Lineman will never be paid enough

Your move, Army


Me at every wedding when Shout! comes on

Enjoy this weekly roundup as Week 10 is looking like a snoozefest with College Gameday in Memphis for #15 SMU @ #24 Memphis. The only Top-10 matchup is #8 Georgia vs #6 Florida. In Week 11 all hell breaks loose with multiple games of the year candidates.


Until next time.

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