HBO is Creating a College Football Version of Hard Knocks This Fall

HBO just can’t miss lately:


This is of GREAT interest for one of two reasons.

Firstly, with this new show, we are getting quite close to football 7 days a week AKA all we’ve ever wanted in life:

•Monday – Monday Night Football
•Tuesday – Probably when this show will air
•Wednesday – A little MACtion (Wednesday and Tuesday may flip)
•Thursday – NFL Thursday Night Football
•Friday – High School Football/ AAC Football
•Saturday – Blackout at a tailgate for a noon college game, make it home for the 8pm college game.
•Sunday – NFL Football, scream at fantasy players for 7 hours straight

The second reason this show will be interesting is because if you haven’t heard (you should have), Branded Sports is teaming up with @GameDay_Guide for a season long competition culminating in a Peach Bowl appearance for two of our bloggers and/or the fans. The gist of it is, each blogger is assigned to one of the top teams in the country. If that said team makes it to the Peach Bowl, that blogger rolls with the team into Atlanta for the game. Flight, hotel, tickets, hopefully a stack to take to Magic City, all included.

Well, two of the teams slated to be on HBO College Football Hard Knocks (Alabama and Penn State) are two of the eligible teams in the #Battle4ThePeach.

Overall, the show is one hell of an idea and every coach involved in this will produce incredible content in different ways. Mike Leach will be a mysterious quote machine. Herm Edwards will spend the whole time giving pep talks. Nick Saban may murder a producer of this show if practice doesn’t go well. And James Franklin will show is the best ways to sell snake oil.

Only possible issue I can already see with this show will be it’ll go in-depth but not in depth enough. On the NFL’s version of Hard Knocks, they always show the behind the scenes look of players lives. If that’s the case, we should see the same shit on the college version. We should see coaches checking in on players only to find out their not in class or frat guys letting players into parties for free for clout.

Bring the people what they want: football and a mess.

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