Makeup Company NARS Is Using An Actual Penis To Sell Lipstick In Their Latest Ad

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Bravo from the folks over at NARS. What do women love more than makeup? A nice veiny dick, right?

I always enjoy imagining those brainstorming meetings where the NARS executives and their creative ad agency counterparts are spitballing ideas for marketing campaigns. Everyone wants to go viral in this day and age so I’m sure some 21 year old intern just threw out the idea of making the lipstick look like a penis and some high powered exec was like “well, draw it up and we’ll see”. An expansive team of graphic designers raced back to their computers to get working on this melting lipstick dick and it passed layers and layers of approvals to make it to this point.

The lip color is actually quite nice but I am sure we’ll hear from the PC police on the lack of diversity in lipstick dick.

Someone from this marketing team is for sure getting a raise. Once Chrissy Teigen tweets it you’ve officially gone viral.


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Kristen Grace
August 12, 2019 7:31 pm


Iā€™m sorry, I know sex sells but this is a bit much. It is a pretty shade of dick though! Lol

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