Looks Like Bagel Boss, Chris Morgan Is Already A Sell Out


Welp, that didn’t take long did it? Bagel Boss saw a opportunity to make some cash off his viral video and he’s jumping all over it. Can’t say I don’t hate it but I do hate this guy now. He is going to start forcing all this videos and they aren’t going to have the same spark we’re use to from Bagel Boss. Even this little clip made me so depressed to see our favorite elf sell out.

Also let’s talk about these shirts for a minute.


  1. They are God awful ugly. DSGN Tree could do a much better job with their eyes closed.
  2. Message for pricing? Chris Morgan is about to start robbing some people. I assume if you are a “big bully” aka over 5’6″ your shirt costs $100. If you are under that, your shirt is like $5. Just Chris Morgan doing Chris Morgan things.

All joking aside, this guy sucks now. He had my heart for a split second, then I saw the Youtube channel and I was out. Now that he is going to try and make a living off being a meme, I’m not only out but I am declaring him public enemy #1. If you work at any job where you deal with customers 1:1, head on a swivel. Because this little ball of failure and anger is going to be looking for the next Bagel Boss moment. He’s had one taste of internet fame, that’s all it takes for some people to get hooked. By the looks of his new twitter, he’s way past hooked and he’s going to be looking for his next fix.


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