Masai Uriji and a Sheriff’s Deputy Almost Went Full Fist-a-Cuff’s After the Raptors Win Last Night

Congratulations to the Toronto Raptors on winning their first ever NBA Championship. I too hope my team gets the fortune of 4 bounces on a magnetic rim and my opponents stars getting injured every other game in the Finals. I’m DEFINITELY not a bitter Sixers fan, I’m just disappointed.

But I do respect this:

It appears as though Masai Uriji and a cop were ready to throw down as Uriji headed to the floor to celebrate the Raptors first title.
Here’s my hypothesis on what happened:
Uriji was probably trying to head down to the floor after the Raps won for the trophy ceremony. Some hardo cop didn’t want to let anyone out of the stands and didn’t know who Masai Uriji was.
Cop: You can’t go on the floor
Uriji: Do you see the size of my balls? I’m the guy who traded a fan favorite for Kawhi and then went back and added Marc Gasol too. I put this Championship run in motion. Get the fuck outta my way.
Uriji: *shoves cop*
Cop: throws temper tantrum
I’m 99% sure this is how it happened. Much respect for Uriji to not let anyone, including someone holding a gun, stop him from celebrating this title. A title he gambled to get. The size of the balls on this guy.
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