Phillies Glad They Didn’t Sign Mike Trout After Recent Video Surfaces

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Yikes. How unathletic do you have to be to miss a shot that bad? Also can we talk about the soccer ball basketball shot for a second? Anyone else remember doing this? Normally it meant two tings. The first was that all the basketballs were flat and the other was you were poor.

But back to this shot. Gross. Bryce Harper would never. Harper would Harlem Globetrotter slam dunk that thing into the 4th layer of the Earth’s surface. (Shout out Earth and happy belated Earth day.) You see what Bryce did last night when he got fired up? That ump was lucky to keep his head on his shoulders.

So enjoy Angels fans. Have fun rooting for Trout when he is missing layups at a local charity event.

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