This New PI Rule Will Be An Absolute DISASTER…

Alright, so yesterday the NFL declared a new rule to be implemented next season that would allow NFL head coaches to challenge calls/non-calls as they relate to pass interference and I think I’m missing something here…

Understandably, many coaches/players/fans have been calling for a way to “fix” pass interference in the NFL, but am I the only person who thinks this will most likely result in catastrophe? Just when the NFL managed to sort of “fix” the catch rule—not sure what changed but it seemingly wasn’t a premier issue last year—they decide to go ahead and convolute things further.

And why? Because of one call during the NFC championship? I mean, the Saints got absolutely JOBBED on that play, but after four months of whining and bitching, I’m starting to lose sympathy for these guys. Like, for God’s sake, will somebody get New Orleans a fucking Happy Meal?!? They got the ball in overtime and blew it because they always blow it. That one play didn’t dictate the result of that game; it was a huge moment the refs gagged on, but there were plenty of opportunities throughout that game to recover and, as I said, New Orleans blew all of them because they always do.

Now, since the Saints (who, by the way, used to reward their defense for putting opponents on stretchers) can’t hack it in a big situation in their own dome, we have to watch as the coaches union attempts to strip every last human element from the game that they can. I’m all for getting the call right, but when it adds another half hour of studio breaks so the zebras can huddle and discuss how they want to rule on a subjective issue, I’m out.

Not to mention, where do you draw the line? Here’s what we’re looking at…

Honest to God, ask yourself this question: Is this really the NFL you want to see?

Maybe I’m wrong, but all I’ve heard over the last 5 years is how “soft” the NFL is now. How you can’t play defense anymore and yadda yadda yadda. Now, everyone on the planet seems to think we should be able to head into the booth and dissect every ticky tack physical touch in order to satisfy Sean Payton and his pack of gutless frauds.

By Week 6 next year, all you’re going to see/hear on social media is about how bad this rule implementation is and how brutal it is to watch. And for those of you thinking: “But Joe, shut the hell up, you’re a Pats fan; the refs have always been in your back pocket…”

Well let me remind you of that Eagles Super Bowl two years ago. People often forget, but the last play of that game involved Brady slugging a ball nearly 50 yards into the end zone. The Eagles swatted it down and the game was over—and rightfully so because they deserved it. But for those keeping score at home, Chris Hogan got absolutely bundled roughly 15 yards short of where the ball landed. Given the new rule, that shit would’ve went to a booth review and the Pats would’ve had a 1-yard shot at what, at the time, would’ve been their 6th Super Bowl win.

Now, does that sound right? Give me a break, dude…

– Joey Boats (@joey_boats)

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