USA Rugby Has Arrived

USA Rugby, a sport where in America is still highly unknown, has arrived in full swing! And they made their mark on the rugby world by finally after winning the sevens’ championship last year in Vegas, the US Men’s National Rugby Team is now first in the world after beating Samoa 27-0 to become back-to-back world sevens champions.

This has been a fantastic two years for USA Rugby. First, revenue has been going up substantially (hitting over 10 million), and matches are getting picked up by major TV  networks (FOX and ESPN come to mind). In the last two years as well, they’ve backed this up by having the women’s team have their highest finish ever (4th at Rugby World Cup), men’s 15’s beating Scotland 30-29 for their 1st win over a Tier I opponent in 94 years, and men’s 7’s just winning their second consecutive championship in a row. With the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, one can assume that the Americans can make an even bigger name for themselves by presenting it on a world platform.

What I think is crazy about US rugby team in general is that most played other sports before turning to rugby and finding success in it. In other rugby-heavy countries, for example, like Wales, England, New Zealand, etc., have been taught to play rugby and live rugby throughout their entire lives. Titi Lamositele, a prop on the men’s team, played football, wrestling and track&field before joining rugby. This is what the Americans are. A bunch of gritty people who like to have fun and hit people, but have the athletic elements before.


So now, with rugby making noise in a sport where it is already a recognized sport internationally, is lacrosse on the hot seat?

Lacrosse, while having been known in North America for centuries, is not doing as well as some hoped for the next “sport of the future”. While the rugby sevens tournament that was completed over this past week, had over 100,000 people in the stands for it, the World Lacrosse Championships, held in Israel, had less than 5,000 fans attending. Lacrosse, while having success at younger levels, is not having the quite success that they thought would occur at the college and international levels. 

Coincidence? I think not. Rugby will be the next sport to take off in America and I am here for it.

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