Heaven in a Can…

Are you a fan of espresso martinis? Of course you are because if you are not you are a crazy person!

I was introduced to them by my wife and have never looked back. It is the perfect drink to start the night, end the night or hell… Have for breakfast when starting a day of drinking in the city.

It tastes delicious, wakes ya up and fucks ya up! What is better than that?


Yes, they can be somewhat of a pain to make at home. You need to make the espresso, pour out the vodka… “shit we are almost out of Kahlua…”




Espresso Martini in a can! Thank you sir may I have another?

I mean is says god damn “velvety smooth”

Now I can’t say it will be the best espresso martini you have ever had, because I haven’t had one and usually things like this when put into a can are not.


You don’t know until you try, and this could be a game changer.

So if you are an espresso martini fan, which again… I know you are because you are not a crazy person. I want you to go out, find it, drink it… And report back!


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