The AAF Debuted Last Night And It Maybe Better Than The NFL Already

If the NFL is the No Fun League, that makes the AAF the All About Fun league. Last night was the opening night and holy shit did it not disappoint. Big QB hits, trick plays and everyone in the building basically was mic’d up. Not sure when he next slate of games are but I’m jacked to the tits waiting for them.

The Orlando Special

Defensive player laying the wood with this monster and LEGAL hit on the quarterback.

Or how about this drill? A league where QBs aren’t safe is something can get down with.

We get to listen to the replay officials talk about the replay live.

Not only that but everyone else is micd up. It is going to make for a ton of these type of highlights.

A few Over highlights

Overall it looks like the AAF might be a legit and entertaining product. Can you sustain a league where QBs are literally getting their heads knocked of their shoulders? I’m not sure, all I know is I’m here to find out. Feed me more AAF, who needs the NFL.

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