Patriots to Bring in Greg Schiano as New Defensive Coordinator for Some Reason

I’m not going to sit here and pretend like I had this long list of guys I was dying to see the Patriots get as DC. I didn’t. Quite frankly I was much more worried about this season during their playoff run opposed to worrying about who would take over for Brian Flores. But Greg Schiano? Seriously?

I don’t doubt Bill Belihick and never will, but on the surface this is odd and a seemingly bad idea. In the recent past I think guys like Patricia and Flores have succeeded because they learned from Bill. Bill was running the show and not that he won’t with Schiano as well, but bringing in an older coach with an undisputedly spotty past doesn’t make sense. Especially after seeing the defensive masterpiece Bill devised in the Super Bowl. I was anticipating Bill’s next project to emerge on the sideline for the Pats, leaving Bill as ipso-facto DC and McDaniels to run the offense.

I’m open to it working since I have no choice, but I’m intrigued to see and hear about the dynamic that Schiano being there will create.

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Feature Image via Boston Herald

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