Jamal Adams Planned A Premeditated Attack On Patriots Mascot At The Pro Bowl

Oh I’m glad you’re getting a good laugh out of this ESPN. A poor innocent mascot could have been killed and it would be Roger Goodell’s problem now. We’ve got real life NFL safety from a division rival launching his entire body at Pat the Patriot who is standing there clueless and defenseless. Not only is that an act against our country, but who fucking does that? I would have said maybe it was a forced viral video but the way in which Adams accelerates is like watching a raccoon with rabies see a trash can. He’s out for blood, and there’s evidence this was a planned attack.

The PEOPLE’S CHAMP??? Which people at the Pro Bowl came to see a DB take out a mascot? There are like 200 people there, probably mostly grandparents taking their kids to a fun outing when they’re in town visiting. What kind of example is this setting for the kids? Is Ed Werder outraged? Mascots are usually small guys with a lot of energy, not someone that can take an open field tackle. Typical ESPN getting a good laugh in while Patriots fans aren’t looking.

I get it, the Jets have been at home for a month. Their post season vacations are over and they’ve replaced 2nd alternatives on the Pro Bowl roster for a free trip to Orlando. I’d rather be on my way to my 8th Super Bowl. Jamal Adams has to become the villain if he wants to be a New York Jet. It’s the only thing they have left. But taking it out on Pat the Patriot is a new low. Pick on someone your own size. Would have been a real shame if something had happened to Adams on that tackle, a real shame.

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