“That Guy” Rivalry Week Hatred Power Rankings

There are two big Rivalry games for me this week. My Dallas Cowboys play the Redskins on Thanksgiving trying to take over control of the NFC East. Then on Saturday my Irish head to Cali to take on USC, looking for finish the season 12-0.

So I was thinking to myself… What are my power rankings of hatred for my favorite teams, The Cowboys, The Irish and The Yankees.

Here they are. My top 10 most hated rivalry teams from “least” to most. (But I hate them all.)

10. Navy (Notre Dame Rival)

Ok, they are on the list because they play the Irish every year. However I respect the hell out of those young men. No way I could put them any higher because of that. However every year for that 60 minutes they play the guys in Gold helmets.. I hate them.

Image – SI

9. Baltimore Orioles (Yankees Rival)

I put the O’s at 10 because well they haven’t been very good lately. Yes they played the Yanks very tough this season when they were terrible… But, they don’t have many major hate qualities. And I really like their ballpark and loved Cal Ripken!

Image – Wikipedia

8. Green Bay Packers (Cowboys Rival)

Yes, the Cowboys and Packers are rivals. No they are not in the same division but their meetings in massive games have created a rivalry. However since the Ice Bowl through the Aaron Rodgers era… The Cowboys have been on the losing end. They have broken my heart many times in the playoffs but there are just others I must hate more.

Image – sports interaction

7. Stanford (Notre Dame Rival)

Again this team doesn’t have a ton to hate… Except how tough they usually play the Irish. They are a tough, smart team with a great coach. I respect them, but still hate those damn stupid trees! GO IRISH!

Image – SB Nation

6. Redskins (Cowboys Rival)

I hate the damn Pig Pen. I mean who the hell has grown men wear dresses and pig noses to cheer on a team?? So easy to make fun of. But for the most part they flat out stink, so they can’t reach the top 5!

Image – bloggingfortheboys

5. Michigan (Notre Dame Rival)

Gosh I hate Michigan. It was unbelievable seeing them lose in person to the Irish in South Bend this year! I hate the maze and blue, I hate the khakis, I hate the big house. They all just suck… GO IRISH BEAT blue!!

4. New York Giants (Cowboys Rival)

Eli… Really? Eli Manning has won 2 Super Bowls since the Cowboys won their last. I HATE that so much. Their stadium sucks, their fans are annoying and I was at the first ever game at AT&T Stadium when the Giants beat the Cowboys. Soo yeah that pissed me off!

Image – USA Today

3. USC (Notre Dame Rival)

BEAT SC BEAT SC BEAT SC!!! This rivalry goes back so long. You have to hate those damn surfer Cali boys. (Except Ian Book.) I love this game because I love watching the Leprechaun stop that stupid Trojan. I will forever have the damn Bush Push burned into my brain. And this year they are in the way of the Irish perfect season… ROCK THEM! GO IRISH!

Image – SB Nation

2. Boston Red Sox (Yankees Rival)

It was so fun in the 90’s when the Sox stunk and the Yanks were winning every World Series. But lately the script has flipped a bit with the Sox winning and winning and winning. It kills me, but it is the best rivalry in sports and I wouldn’t trade being part of it for anything. The Sox singing New York New York this season took my hate to a whole new level..

Image – over the Monster

1. Philadelphia Eagles (Cowboys Rival)

Would you expect anything else? Hell no. There is no hate in sports that I have like the hate I have for the Eagles. Actually it’s kinda more toward the Eagles fans. Yes, I am married to one (I love her) but the rest of ya… Nope. I hate the song, I hate the “Go Birds” the annoyingness, The E-A-G stupid chant. It’s all just so hate-able. And they win the SB, makes me furious. Yeah I’m salty I won’t lie. Living in Eagles territory as a Cowboys fan is hell on earth.

Hate em all.

-Kmess “That Guy”

Feature Image – SB Nation

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