Markelle Fultz Shot Being Off, Possibly Due To Motorcycle Accident

Brandon Robinson aka ScoopB joined Dashawn Hendricks and Josh Hennig talking Sixers. They dove into the Jimmy Butler trade, but right about the 7 minute mark, things got much more interesting. Give it a listen.

This is insanely big if it’s true. A motorcycle accident happening would mean that Colangelo and the rest of the Sixers brass would had to have covered up the details. After the twitter incident that ended Colangelo’s time in Philly, this isn’t out of the realm of possibility. I know Scoop, and I know this isn’t something he would just throw out there unless it had some validity. Clearly after twitter went nuts over Markelle’s free throw attempt heard round the world last night…..something still doesn’t seem right.

This new information, paired with the fact that Drew Hanlen and Fultz are no longer speaking to one another, is starting to point to something much bigger.

Possibly Markelle’s camp is no longer speaking to Drew after this tweet where he hints that Markelle’s health is still a major issue.

If this story has real legs, the truth will find it’s way out sooner rather than later. If you don’t follow Scoop on Twitter, you should. Great NBA coverage and insight @ScoopB

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