Barstool Beefs Episode 329: Hit Pieces

Maybe the one thing more fun then a Deadspin nothing article is a good old fashion Barstool hit piece.  The latest incorrect, wrong and quite frankly bad hit piece was done by @britnidlc Britni de la Cretaz.  Now I don’t know who she is, never heard of her honestly.  I guess she is a writer?  She recently wrote about “Barstool at the ball park” Where Barstool does an event that has people come out to Yankees or Mets games for something like 5 cent beers to have a good time hangout with the crew. Everyone seems to love it.  She called KFC to ask questions and it started out great.  What it ended up turning into was questions about rape culture and all of the other nonsense Barstool gets a bad rep for.  Now I’m just guessing that what it was, I didn’t read her article because I’m positive it stunk.  So if I’m wrong oh well I don’t really care, probably not wrong though.  This isn’t really what the beef is about though.  KFC defended himself and hundreds of women reached out to say how the events are a ton of fun and they feel safe always.  It took its rounds and then last night, this Cruz fella attacked El Prez who is currently on vacation in Nantucket. This is what she posted.

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 9.55.53 AM

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 9.56.54 AM.png

Dave who is on vacation, getting attacked for no reason what so ever!  Not only being attacked while on vacation but being attacked by vicious lies.  Dave never sent this. Dave Portnoy does not know how to use email, and he would not send an email from the barstool tips email.  This is outrageous to lie and use a fake email to attack a man like Dave who by the way right now is on vacation in Nantucket.  How could you bully a man on vacation.  Its rude and unfair!  Dave then posted this last night.


Honestly the part that bothers me isn’t the lies, it isn’t the false narrative of these terrible evil human beings.  It’s the fact that a millionaire can no longer enjoy his vacations.  This is the second attack in 5 days that I have had to write about.  It is awful.  A man delivers newspapers everyday for years 12 hour days, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Works his fingers to the bone, blood coming out of his knee caps, and finally after all this time, after he makes some money, can scrape a few dimes together to go on vacation and enjoy the few years he has left, he gets bullied twice in 5 days?  It’s a shame for stuff like this to happen, it really is.  It’s upsetting.  I hope Dave is okay.  I hope the few moments he had in Nantucket without being bullied were fun.  I know his 30 day vacation at his Nantucket house were tough with all of these unprovoked attacks and rude mean bullies.  But he is tough and he shall prevail.

PS: I know what some of you will say. “He has half the house” Well you’re wrong, it’s a full house, he just owns half of it.

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