Why Josh Allen Will Never Win A Superbowl Ring


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What’s up everybody! Hope you enjoyed my intro blog and thanks for tuning in. Today we are going to discuss my thoughts on Josh Allen so let’s get right into it.

Josh Allen will always be a Top 10 QB every single year he plays as he is without question an extremely talented kid, with a physical ceiling that apparently doesn’t seem to exist.

(Oh and real quick, for the record, my late father in law was a Bills fan and for that I was rooting for him and the Bills Mafia.)

BUT…and there is a HUGE BUT (like a Kim K kinda fake BUTT…seriously how did Kanye mess that up?), Josh Allen will NEVER win a Superbowl. And to add salt to the wound, not only will he never win one, but he will never even have the opportunity to win one because he will never even get there.

As I said, yes he is an extremely talented athlete with a limitless physical skill set however, his physical talents do NOT outweigh his unfortunate constant mental lapses in the biggest moments of the biggest games.

One game in particular that I am referring to occurred last year in the Bills playoff loss against The Texans. There are 4 specific plays during this game that Mr. Allen made poor mental errors that all took place in the 4th QUARTER with the opportunity to close out and win the game. *SPOILER ALERT* UGH…THEY DIDN’T WIN.

Play #1
Arguably the biggest play of the game
Score: Bills 16, Texans 8
Time remaining: 14:00
Situation: 3rd Down & 8, ball at midfield
Outcome of play: Allen does well avoiding the initial rush pressure, however, holds the ball to take a long sack / fumble. Momentum changes.
Result: Texans end up scoring a field goal. Bills 16, Texans 11.
What he should have done: This is where Josh has to utilize his physical skills and take off. Most importantly protect the ball. HIGH AND TIGHT. SLIDE.

Play #2
Score: Bills 16, Texans 11
Time remaining: 9:30
Situation: 3rd Down & 4, ball on Bills 30 yard line
Outcome of play: Allen misses a wide open Williams for the 1st down. Yes J.J. Watt did cause some pressure however that is no excuse.
Result: Texans end up scoring again and take the lead! Bills 16, Texans 19.
What he should have done: This is a throw that normally is not missed Josh HAS got to make the simple throw.

Play #3
Score: Bills 16, Texans 19
Time remaining: 2 minutes
Situation: 3rd Down & 13, ball at Texans 28 yard line
Outcome of play: Allen drops back, and has one of THEE ugliest plays you will see which results in an Intentional Grounding penalty. Oh and not to mention, on the next play for 4th down, he now puts himself and his team in a position where a Field Goal is not possible. My GOD, SMH…I’ll let that slide but consider that to be Play #3B.
Result: No tying Field Goal but the Bills get the ball back. Bills 16, Texans 19.
What he should have done: This was not a bad play but rather an extremely poor mental error that a QB just cannot do in the NFL in order to be successful. Just throw the ball away!

Play #4
Score: Bills 16, Texans 19
Time remaining: 1:10
Situation: 1st Down & 10, ball on Bills 30
Outcome of play: The damn “lateral play”. 1st Down.
Result: Bills end up scoring game tying Field Goal. Bills 19, Texans 19.
What he should have done: Not only does Allen NOT run out of bounds to stop the clock, he does the FUCKING LATERAL! What a risky, dumb decision. Fortunately it did not end up much much worse.

Now I am not a hater and I will give credit where credit is due so kudos to Allen for bouncing back as the Bills did end up finishing that drive and scoring the game tying Field Goal. But C’mon let’s be fair and honest, that one drive does NOT make up for all the other plays that put The Bills in a position to lose which they ultimately did.

You can watch the highlights of that game right here

Now let’s fast forward to 2021 where Allen has a great regular season but again comes up short in the playoffs. Everything you read “we learned from that playoff loss last year.” The Bills steal Diggs from The Vikings which is an unbelievably great trade and now the good Bills team from 2020 instantly becomes a great 2021 Bills team.

Bills vs Colts
The Bills play well and beat The Colts
Josh Allen stats:
26/35, 2 TD’s, 0 INT

Bills vs Ravens
The Bills follow it up, beat The Ravens with an honestly convincing win. Nothing crazy but overall good football.
Josh Allen stats:
23/37, 1 TD, 0 INT

At this point, last year is in the past and I am convinced that this is their year as I jump aboard to ride the Josh Allen train all the way to the Superbowl! LETS GO BILLS!


Before I even begin to make my points, I must note that The Bills defense did not stop The Chiefs and Mahomes. The Chiefs had 0 turnovers and punted only once!! We already know that this is not an easy team for anyone to beat. Now let’s move on to Mr. Josh Allen…

Allen continued to make questionable play after questionable play for almost 3 straight quarters. What a disappointment and constant head shaking moments for The Bills Mafia. It takes until the game is pretty much over before Josh decides to finally go underneath. He has more and more mental errors and almost steps out of bounds for a 6 yard loss BUT luckily the call is overturned in favor of The Bills. Things are getting too close for comfort.

More big sacks come flooding in and another intentional grounding. I know what you’re thinking “Danny you’re a hater” but then Ok ok ok…let me ask you a question.

Would any other good/great qbs make these kinds of mistakes?

The answer is very simple…NO! No they would not. Not BRADY, Not RODGERS, Not MAHOMES, Not BREES, Not WATSON, Not WILSON.

But you know who has and who will continue to make those mistakes…Josh Allen. It’s true.

#BillsMafia if I am wrong I will buy an Allen jersey and jump throw a wooden table like you crazy Son of a Guns.

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