Look How Much Money You’d Have If You Started With $100 And Doubled It Each Week Vs Dallas

Dallas sucks, not breaking news there. But how bad you ask? Well, so bad that if you bet $100 against them week 1 and kept letting the winnings ride, you’d have a nice return on your investment.

$25,600 hate betting the Cowboys is the a tasty treat. I know the old saying, hindsight is 20/20 but damnit I’m mad I didn’t try this one out. Toss $100 and just keep letting it ride, what a miss. But honestly, I’d be way too scared to do it anyway. After week 4 and I’m up $1,600 I’d bail out like a little baby back bitch. Well, maybe I’d go like half of it but I don’t have the stones to keep doubling up.

Maybe I’ll start this week though and bet $100 against the Cowboys. They host the Steelers so they should get worked. My luck I’ll be the factor that pulls them out of their slump. I keep betting on them to lose and they might win the division.

Then again…..Ben Dinucci

Featured Image: Yahoo Sports

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