Devin Booker Hanging With Kendall Jenner At Kim’s Private Island Bash

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Hide your eyes Ben. So Kimmy K turned 40, which, I was shocked. I would have thought she was older than that. Maybe like 45ish, nothing crazy but definitely older than 40. She’s been around so long can’t wrap my head around that. But anyway, she turned 40 and had a birthday banger.

Private island, parties, entertainment, the works.

And who is that there, why it’s Devin Booker hanging with Kendall. Don’t let Ben see this. Feel like he would be actually heartbroken. I don’t know why but I just think he liked her to the point where he’d be doing sad boy szn. I mean, he can do better than a girl that goes from player to player to player. But at the same time, Kenadall is still a smoke, so I guess I understand.

What is wild here is that Tristan Thompson is there too. I get he’s the dad but I mean didn’t he cheat like a thousand times? Who said he was allowed back in the circle of trust?

Not really much else to say here except I will add this. If it bothers you that Kim is spending a ton of money and flying her family to a private island and other people are struggling to make ends meet. You’re an idiot. People think just because she’s got a shit ton of money and other people don’t she’s wrong for using it anyway she wants. GTFOH. If I had her money I’d be on a private island all day everyday. I’d rub it in everyone’s face.

‘Hey how was work today buddy?’

‘Well, it was alright, I had…’

‘Oh hey, let me call you back. My masseuse just got here and I have to finish my Mojito before all my ice melts. It’s hot here on this private island. Talk soon.’

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