Cowboys Fan Takes His Gun Out And Shoots His TV Because They Got Beat So Bad

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There is funny and then there is a cry for help. This is both some how. Watching fans lose their minds and destroy their personal belongings is always funny to me. ‘GOD DAMNIT MY TEAM LOST!!!! THE ONLY THING THAT CAN MAKE THIS BETTER IS HAVING TO PURCHASE A NEW HOME ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM!!!!” Makes no sense and I laugh thinking about them afterward having to drive to Best Buy to drop money they don’t have on new stuff.

Like chicken soup for the soul

The sad part of this video and all these videos where people go insane and break shit is the people the have to live with these monsters. This idiot probably knocked up some girl back in high school and now has a preschooler that has to watching daddy throw haymakers into the tv. He’s probably one of those guys too that when Sunday rolls around he just walks out of his 1 bed room and 1 bathroom house and tells his wife he’ll be back later so don’t wait up. He can’t be bothered with his family on Sunday. His family is Jerry Jones and America’s team. He also still drives a Chevy F10 with a custom head unit and subwoofers.

Basically what I’m saying is don’t be this guy. This guy sucks. Everyone hates him and his existence alone is a burden on society.

Also, fuck the Cowboys

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