Fall Sucks


We’ve got a hot take coming in for this one and a lot of people are going to disagree but that’s exactly why I do this. There’s going to be a lot of people who get offended by this and I am here for it. I know fall is like the most popular season in a lot of people’s eyes and Halloween is a holiday loved by most.

Well, I’m here to tell you that fall and Halloween absolutely SUCKS! Yeah I said what I said and I’ve posted a blog about this before on my previous site. So if you read a post like this from me before well good because I’m doubling down and letting you know how much I fucking hate fall and the stupid made up holiday Halloween.

There’s a lot of reasons I don’t like fall/Halloween so let’s get right into it…Who in their right mind likes to be scared?!? Seriously, what is wrong with you people that you like people jumping out at you and screaming in your face? I am so far out on spooky season its not even funny. The only thing I look forward to in October is the return of hockey season and I’m not even getting that this year(Thanks Corona). Haunted house, haunted hayrides, haunted anything I AM OUT. I will never understand how people get joy out of being scared you’re all physcos.

Next on the list of reason why fall is the worst, the freaking leaves all over the ground. I don’t need to hear “awww look how pretty the leaves are” no, they are all dead and ugly and that’s why they’re on the grass. They don’t just disappear most of the time either, somebody has to get rid of them and I know I for one HATED raking leaves when I was younger. Then when it rains the dead leaves get stuck to your shoes and then they end up in your house and it’s just annoying.

Next up we’ve got pumpkin carving, I’ll never understand the fun in this one. Pumpking carving is waaaaayyyyy too messy and then the pumpkin goes bad, your design never actually turns out the way you want it and its just not worth it. If somehow you get the design right and you put your pumpkin outside your house it’s bound to be destroyed by either some no good kid or an animal. All your hard work gone because of some little asshole. Miss me with all the pumpkin carving nonsense.

The only good part about Halloween is the candy that’s it, everything else is dumb. Even the candy isn’t all the great because one I don’t have any kids that go trick or treating and two I don’t buy Halloween candy to give out either. That’s right I want nobody knocking on my door come October 31st and if you do you will be ignored or I’ll come to the door and ask what the hell do you want and tell you to scram. So really I don’t even get candy for Halloween unless I go to my parents house and just take the candy they’re giving out.

The only thing I’ll be doing for the months of September and October is enjoying football. Other than that You will not find me leaving my house for any fall/ Halloween related activities. Don’t invite me to your Halloween parties, your pumpkin carves, or your haunted whatever. I want nothing to do with it.

Take me to Thanksgiving and Christmas season, feed me all the food and bring on the snow and colder weather I absolutely love it. I’m a huge winter guy it’s the best. So for all you fall loving, pumpkin picking, haunted house going creeps, enjoy your spooky season because I cannot wait for it to be over and ill see you in November.

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