Adam Schefter Reports “NFL 100% Determined To Play Full Season.”


The NFL will not start their season if they think they might have to end the season abruptly, for one reason..

As soon as the NFL plays one regular season game, the players salaries are 100% fully guaranteed. No way they will pay the players in full and not get a full season out of them.

Adam Schefter was on the Jame and Stoney show on Wednesday, and said…

Jamie & Stoney“I believe the league is 100 percent determined to get 16 games in,” Schefter said. “Does that mean the league is starting on time? That I’m not as sure about. I’m supremely confident that they are determined to play 16. The key here is going to be the Super Bowl. I believe the Super Bowl is the secret sauce that makes all this possible.”

Like Schefter said, they are not sure if the season will start on time, but fully believes it will happen in full.

Jamie & Stoney “The Super Bowl could go into March, it could go into April,” Schefter said. “If it means pushing back the season four weeks, six weeks, eight weeks, the league I believe will be prepared to do that. But I feel confident it is going to attempt to play 16 games.

It is no guarantee, but at least it is a glimmer of hope… And, that’s really all we can ask for right now.


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