“Even Adam Silver Told Me I Deserve The Gold” Aaron Gordon Put Out A DWade Diss Track


I’m so bored during the pandemic that I’ll entertain this. Thanks AG for giving me something to talk about but let’s actually talk about it. Him not winning the dunk contest is the right call. The fact that it even went into OT and he had a chance to win was the true travesty. Did he have the best dunk? I would say yes, the problem is 1. that isn’t what the dunk contest is. It is not who has the best single dunk of the night, it’s who has the best string of dunks and Aaron you just didn’t have it. 2. Gordon’s best dunk that night was in OT and like I said if the judges weren’t corrupt it shouldn’t have even gone to OT.

I have a hot take. Aaron Gordon MAYBE should’ve won 1 dunk contest but that’s it. He gets overhyped 50s and then complains when he loses. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not here to slander him, I’m sure he’s a nice dude and he’s a great dunker. He has got to get over this though, talk about beating a dead horse.

Also, the timing is funny on the release of the video. He just started doing a show on Twitch with Jake N Bake. I’m sure getting his name out there a bit won’t help viewership.

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