Howie’s gonna Howie

All I have to say is wow…. Howie sat there and watched as Jerry Jones snagged Ceedee Lamb. He had multiple chances to move up to select Ceedee also. Could have moved up on pick  13 with San Fran, 14 with Tampa Bay, 16 with Atlanta.. Howie allowed Ceedee to go to Dallas who already has a stacked receiving core. This infuriated me to my core. I was ready to let my wife hit me with my truck (joking).

21st pick comes up and the pick is in and all of Philadelphia believes it’s Justin Jefferson…. Nope that was not the case, and it was a shocker to the whole Eagles nation.

With the 21st pick of the 2020 NFL draft the Eagles select Jalen Reagor out of TCU. Now Im not going to sit here and bash Reagor because in my past blogs/tweets I’ve supported him. This is my guy and has been from day one. I do think he makes an immediate impact for the Eagles on day one. He also has legacy vibes with his father Montae Reagor played for the Eagles as well. I was calling for Reagor to be apart of the Eagles since before the season was complete.

As angry as i am that Howie did not go up and trade for Lamb, if you sit back and think about it, Howie went out and drafted that Z receiver that the team really needed. I loved Ceedee Lamb, and loved Justin Jefferson but they weren’t threat for the big down field play that Carson Wentz was missing once Desean Jackson went down. Looking at the current WR core now, with Desean, Alshon, and Jalen, you have speed over the top on both sides. I truly don’t think this pick will disappoint. He gives you so much versatility such as being able to line up as a running back, being used in jet sweep packages, and is an excellent kick and punt returner. Majority of Philadelphia may be upset that Howie took Reagor, but i know Im not. The fact Howie let Ceedee go to Dallas is the reason Im upset. All in all come September i can’t wait until Reagor is receiving 40 plus yard bombs for Carson on Sundays. Not a fan of Reagor here’s a video to change your mind.


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