Did Jason Kelce get Snubbed From All-decade Team for 2010’s?

Jason Kelce who was once a walk on running back at the University of Cincinnati, until he switched to center his sophomore season. Kelce was drafted by the Eagles in the 6th round of the 2011 draft. Throughout this decade the Eagles have made some very questionable draft picks, Kelce has proved that he was worth way more than the 6th round.

Jason Kelce was recently snubbed in the 2010’s all-decade for centers. There are two centers on that list, Alex Mack and Maurkice Pouncey. Both centers obviously deserve to be on the list. But to see three (3) time pro-bowler Jason Kelce not make the list is a bit confusing. Ive never in my entire life seen a fuckin lineman move the way Kelce does. Kelce is so fuckin quick at pulling and getting to the second level. Kelce is the most undersized center in the league, but he makes up with it his unreal strength and speed.

Kelce made this look like he was playing a JV squad, he pushes 3 grown men into the endzone. There truly is nothing more exciting than seeing Kelce pulling on a run play. You’re almost guaranteed to see someone get absolutely fucking destroyed.

Kelce has been an underdog his entire football career, from walking on to being drafted in the 6th round by our Philadelphia Eagles. He may have gotten snubbed, but honestly who the fuck cares. Kelce has been great for the Eagles (minus his offsides problem a little back.) He is a 3 time Pro-bowler and a super bowl champ, he also delivered the most electric championship speech ever. I will never be able to listen to that speech without wanting to run through a brick fuckin wall. Philly show love and apperception for our center 62!!

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