Life without Hockey: I don’t know what to do

When I write about hockey for Branded Sports I try not to write so much as a blogger, but almost like I am reporting news about hockey. But, this going to be a blog. My love for hockey is basically brand new. I was in 8th grade when the Flyers went on their fairy tale run to the Stanley Cup and eventually lost to the Blackhawks, but it didn’t matter; I was hooked. The next year in my first year of high school I was managing a middle school team, and teaching myself how to skate. The next year I was playing, and have continued to play for the last 9 years in some capacity.

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Somewhere along the line it went from being a sport I played, to a full blown obsession. I would stay up and watch Sharks games till 2 AM, boy was it heartbreaking when the Kings came back from being down 0-3. I even used to get up early on Saturdays to watch SHL or KHL games because we had the strange channels that would get them. I remember when the Phantoms came to Allentown and you were able to get their games on TV.


This year, with being a senior in college and trying to get my foot into a career, I haven’t been able to watch as much hockey, or even worse; write about hockey. Sure, in my time there has been two lockouts. During lock outs you still have AHL, ECHL, CHL, and all the other North American Leagues. In an unprecedented move, all hockey leagues in North America, and even the world, have suspended or sadly even canceled their seasons. I honestly don’t know what to do with myself. Not just as a fan. With being a fan of the sport it means I have traveled to some cool arenas. My two favorites are the PPL Center in Allentown, and Scope Arena in Norfolk, Virginia. I think of all the amazing people who work at those arenas who are now out of jobs for the foreseeable future. Closing these leagues had to be the most heart breaking decision a lot of people had to make today.

You also gotta wonder about the young players in the USHL, CHL, and NCAA who just lost the most important weeks of there seasons, and damn, maybe their careers. Take for example a guy playing NCAA Hockey in Denver, without a stellar performance in the playoffs he fall from being a 2nd rounder, to sadly a 4th. Its tragic this happened, and I honestly don’t know what to do with my free time.

The Flyers had the best odds to win the Stanley Cup yesterday, now we might not even have playoffs.

On the bright side, and unlike European leagues; all the leagues in North America have not canceled yet. There is still hope the NHL can get the season finished, or even just start the playoffs in mid April. The NHL has asked teams to look into availability in their arenas till July. So hopefully we can get a Stanley Cup this year. Teams like the Avalanche and Flyers may see this as a opportunity to lick their wounds and get healthy. Maybe even get Nolan Patrick back.

In the mean time, to help distract myself, I am going to try and get some stuff out about the draft, doing some player profiles, and at least keep some kind of hockey content going while we wait this out.

Good luck everyone, stay safe, stay healthy, and wash your hands.

-Branded Mitch

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