Don’t Show This Ole Miss Baseball Celly To The Baseball Purists



I don’t have an allegiance to a College Baseball team at the moment, I’m pretty sure Title IX bankrupted the Temple Owl’s baseball and softball teams. But I’m about to call Comcast and set up whatever baseball package I need to watch Ole Miss this season. Holy shit! What a string of events! The strike ’em out, throw ’em out is arguably one of the best plays in baseball. Doing it to end the game just heightens the level of  greatness!

The old school baseball purists of the world are not going to be happy about this one! They probably just wanted the middle infielders to tighten up their stirrups, tuck their shirt in, and get in line to shake hands like the classy men of the diamond should. Instead the 2nd baseman and SS went Vince Carter through the legs and threw it down on all of the old ass losers of Baseball America. I thought the second baseman was going to slam that ball through the Earth’s core!

I’d probably watch more than 10 minutes of baseball a week if it was more entertaining like this.

Let’s go Rebels!

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