Prince Harry Cornered Bob Iger To Get Megan Markle A Part In A Movie


Hey listen when you’re giving up leaching from your grandparents for financial dependency you have to finagle any deals you can for your D-List Actress wife. That means backing Disney CEO Bob Iger into a corner with no where to hide until he gives your wife the six speaking lines in Toy Story 5 so she get SAG Health Insurance for the baby.

This is an awful look for Prince Harry. I almost jumped out of my skin during this whole interaction. Iger’s wife is sitting there with the wife teeth clench she’s perfected over the years just thinking, “Jesus, get us the fuck out of here.” How about Prince asking Bob Iger if he knew she did voices? Like the CEO of Disney is supposed to know Meghan Markle is practicing on a voice for a Scottish mouse named Isla while she sits in the East Wing of Buckingham Palace. Bob Iger’s making sure he’s strangling all the money he can out of Star Wars content so he can take over the world and build his own Death Star. Sorry he missed a couple of forgettable seasons on Suits by your wife and didn’t realize he had Jim Henson in his presence.

You have to love the Royals though. For a bunch of loony Brits that have absolutely no power, they do put asses in the seats. People wake up at 5am just to watch some people with bad teeth and terrible hairlines get married dressed in an infantry uniform with titty  tassles hanging off the shoulders.

Look at this asshole.

prince george
That’s Prince George. He’s six. He’s the son of Kate Middleton and Prince William. This kid is already an influencer and he can barely wipe his own ass. Everything this kid is photographed wearing; shirts, pants, kilts, sweaters it sells out instantly. Back in the day they sold a green lentil dish at PG’s school and their was a spike on sales of legumes instantly. We’ve got Jamsey Crammsalot Inhisass killing cats trying to be a famous public figure and George here rolls out of bed in the morning and everything he touches turns to gold. The British people are all sheep for giving an ounce of fucks whatever these loopey fucks do.

Just a tough look all around for Prince Harry. Not to mention he’s working with the LeBron James fade on top of his head.

prince harry hair


The  Buckingham Palace Barber fought tooth and nail to find individual hair strands to cover that bald spot. Palace life can’t be that stressful their Harry so much that you look like you’re going to be a monk by next week. That’s what happens though when you have a long line of mixing blood in your family’s DNA. You get one guy who has a head of hair like a patch of grass in a drought and he fucks it up for generations to come.

This blog got off the rails pretty quick from talking about Harry openly cornering one of the most powerful CEOs in the world to calling a 6 year old kid an asshole. All I want to say is I look forward to Megan Markle playing Barbie #6 in Toy Story 5. Gotta start somewhere with that financial independence.

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