Jim Harbaugh’s New Playoff Format Proposal Is Actually, Dare I Say, Good

Big time disclaimer. People are going to hate this because it is Jim Harbaugh. He’s one of those guys that’s hated by so many people that no matter what he does, good bad or in between. He’s going to get crushed for it. So just pretend someone you liked threw this idea out there.

I mean it’s not perfect but you’re crazy if you try and tell me it’s a bad idea. Ever since the playoff format was released we’ve all been saying the same thing. Give us more teams. I think 8 is the magic number but this 11 team system is peaking my interest. If I were going to make one small tweak it would be, make the top 5 teams still voted on by the committee. Let them pick the those and give the rest to the BCS.

We all hated the BCS when it had to pick just 1 and 2. Too much pressure to get the most important schools correct. But picking schools 6-11. I mean that’s easy. Even Lee Corso right now could do that no prob.

So I say we give this a dry run in DII or DIII. Also from a sponsorship standpoint it makes a ton of sense. The only Bowl games people care about are the semi final and championship. This puts a little juice back in the others.

Damnit Jim, you can’t save Michigan football but you might just have saved the college playoff system.

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