After Boobgate I Need One Of The Bloggers To Get Banned From The MLB

So as we all know by now last night Julia Rose got banned from all MLB ballparks after dumping out her lady parts. It was a spectacular move to promote shag mag. Because before last night I’ve never heard of shag mag or these two ladies. Now today they’re the most trending people on Twitter. All it took was for nipples.

So now the time is come for one of the Branded bloggers to step up and put us in another stratosphere. question is, who is it going to be?

It obviously can’t be me, I have a child, I might need to do stadium on sites in the future. I just have too much to lose. but a guy like Kyle, I’m not sure Kyle has anything lose.  He could get out there, flash little shaft next thing you know Branded trending everywhere.

Or what about Eddie? He’s lived most of his life without any lights, so if he goes to jail it wouldn’t even be a big change in scenery for him. If Boats went to jail he be the most feared man in there and probably before dinner time.

Of course there is Ali, who I guess would make the most sense but unfortunately in the year 2019 she’s not a viable option.

I need the viral gods just send me a sign. Who can be the hero Branded needs? Who can take us from a mediocre sports blog to a mid-highish mediocre sports blog? I know my Haley’s comet is somewhere out there, I just can’t wait to see you shine so bright.

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