The Eagles Fans That Fought 76er Mike Scott Also Brought A Sean Taylor Coffin To The Tailgate. Updated

Fuck these guys. This is now officially the most embarrassing thing a Philadelphia sports fan has ever done. Let’s be honest Santa got what he deserved and JD Drew was kind of a prick. But Sean Taylor was a legend. And from all accounts a total standup gentleman. They need to take this fan and ban him from all Philadelphia sporting events for life. They should force him to move to Cleveland and become a Cleveland sports fan. But after Baker leaves.

All kidding aside though this is seriously the most deplorable thing I’ve ever seen. It’s completely classless and lowbrow and not even a hint of funny. Fuck this guy and if I weren’t an Eagles fan I’d be rooting for the Eagles to go 0-16 after seeing this.

UPDATE: Apparently not a Sean Taylor shirt.

I still stand by everything I said, this guy is still an asshole.

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