I’m Ready To Make A Deal With Chuckles


If you have been paying any attention to the Branded universe you know two things. 1. Yesterday was the team selection for the #Battle4ThePeach. And you also have probably realized Chuckles is more than a little upset. Yesterday he dropped a blog about how I basically want to suck Dave Portnoy’s dick. Which isn’t entirely true.

Would I love to work for Dave, yeah I mean who wouldn’t? He’s one of the greatest businessmen in the world. But sexual favors for him? That’s just not true. I consider myself a very open minded, try anything once type of guy but I’ve never even thought about making sweet love to a man. A little hypocritical if we’re being honest but still have no interest. I will say though if there was a time to be gay it’s now. Gay is the new straight. Way cooler being gay than being straight right now.

So here’s what happened, had to tier the bloggers top 8 and then the rest. It had nothing to do with clicks, had to do with recent activity. Chuckles was yes dealing with some issues and I told him take all the time you need. Like I’ve told multiple bloggers that have come to me in the past saying the same thing. So I decided to make him tier 2. Once again, has nothing to do with clicks or writing ability just had to draw the line somewhere so I that was my decision. As owner, CEO and founder of Branded, I feel like I might have the right to make that call. Chucky disagrees.

His negotiation tactics are definitely a little different than what my approach would have been. First off I wouldn’t have admitted that I didn’t even know the contest was for the semifinal game. Feel like you have to know what you’re mad about. Secondly, might not have tried to convince the guy who put this together to do me a solid by calling him names over and over.

Now some might go as far as saying, if you tell the guy running the entire company to “eat a fucking dick” more than once. He should probably just cut you and let that be the end of it. But ever since becoming a dad I’ve turned into a big softy. So I’m not going to cut Chuck just for calling me a cock sucker and saying I’d love to swallow Portnoy’s load. That would be an over reaction.

But it’s clear that Chuckles isn’t happy and shows no signs of actually being a part of this contest. So something needs to be done. Which brings me to my proposal for Chucky, if he really wants a top 8 team and is willing to create content in the process than I have an idea. December will be the next Rough N Rowdy. They haven’t announced where or the date yet but those are the rumors.

I will let Chuckles trade teams with anyone he wants. In fact I’ll do him one better. I will let him take whatever team he wants and he can assign any team he wants to the other person. So he could take Clemson from Boats and give him Temple instead. All Chuckles has to do is beat me in Rough N Rowdy.

So that’s my deal. Win and you’re in. If Chuckles turns that down and decides he wants to keep on trashing myself and every Branded blogger………





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