Episode 12, Maynerd’s Ghost

Welcome back to the CGS blog. Last episode was pretty dark. This episode takes a different route. We enlisted the help of Maynerd’s long suffering wife as she talked to us about the ghost that lives in their house. Naturally, we were concerned for the ghost’s emotional state given Maynerd’s affection for animal skulls.

When we were talking about the episode, I couldn’t help but think about what scares us. I’m a pretty no nonsense kind of guy. I don’t believe anything without some fairly hard proof. However, there is something to be said for the human experience. No amount of science will convince someone who’s seen a ghost, that it wasn’t a ghost. Also, despite my skepticism, I can only say, I can’t prove that ghosts exist.

What I can say, is that every spooky experience that I’ve had can be easily explained by a mix of pareidolia and environmental factors and they still scared the shit out of me. This is a pretty typical emotional response. Being scared of weird shit we can’t explain is how human’s survived in our early history. This was a time when a weird sound or the shadow seen in the corner of our eye was most likely a giant prehistoric monster, eager to satiate their hunger with your terrified ass.

In 2019, we are the apex predator… unless you live in Australia where even the stupid duck-beavers are poisonous. However, our minds are still on the lookout for threats. Especially when we’re alone, which makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Human’s were pack hunters. We worked in teams to take down animals that would easily overpower just one of us. As a group we are safer. When we’re alone, we become intensely aware of our surroundings. This opens the door for heightened responses. When our minds are in overdrive, a cold breeze or creaking floor becomes something much worse than a drafty old house. It manifests in our mind as an intruder or worse yet, a malevolent wraith coming to … well, I guess that’s the real fear. We don’t quite know what a ghost would do to us, do we? Think about it, what would a ghost actually do to you? We just don’t know. That visceral fear has no end result. That’s what makes that fear so powerful.

Maynerd’s ghost is not a malevolent spirit. At least, no one in that home feels that way. I can’t explain their human experience in any meaningful way. Frankly, it would be presumptuous of me to pretend that I had any grasp on what someone else felt, heard, or saw. Ultimately, everything that I know about the environmental factors of perceived supernatural experiences does nothing to change my response to them so I doubt it will change the experience for anyone else. Afterall, I’m only human and so are you… well, as far as I know.

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