Look at This Smooth Operator’s Moves Last Night in the NHL

We had a big time move in the NHL the other night and it didn’t come on the ice:


Here’s the quick film breakdown. This kid gets a puck from a player and he said to himself, what will this do for me? Nothing, it will sit in my bedroom and collect dust. 
So, he offers it to the hot blonde two seats down in an all-time power move…since she’s with her BOYFRIEND. And also a lot older than this seemingly 10 year old boy. At first she politely declines because you usually don’t take items away from kids if you’re not a monster. So, the boy flips the puck into her cup holder. At that point, she has no choice but to accept this humble gift and she does so IN TEARS. He brought her to tears with his chivalry!!

If you’d like to see how the video sequence played out you can see that here:

Thoughts and prayers go out to the boyfriend of the blonde. He was in a ridiculously tough lose-lose situation. He probably got those tickets for them for date night only to be upstaged by a kid who hasn’t yet hit puberty. What the hell is he supposed to do? He will never get a puck because he is past the age you can ask for one. He’s got no chance of matching the gift his girlfriend got that brought the waterworks.

He can’t be a dick and be like hey kid, even though you’re still shooting blanks and this shouldn’t matter, she’s taken so back off. But, when he takes the friendly road he’s just the guy who got upstaged in front of his girlfriend but a pre-teen. Tough scene. 
Cool moment for the NHL though! Sometimes I forget that they are still playing.

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