To infinity… And Beyond!

Ladies and Gents America is heading back to that beautiful rock in the sky, and we are going back soon!!

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Gizmodo “Vice President Mike Pence directed NASA to put American astronauts on the moon “within the next five years.”

YES! Before I am 40 I will finally get to see an American walking on the moon with my own eyes.

And, think about how amazing our broadcast capabilities will be by then. No more of that grainy footage of Neil Armstrong stepping onto the surface in black and white. It’s time for HD MOON WALK!

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Pence said that the thought of getting to the moon by 2028 is “not good enough” and wants NASA to get us there by 2024… And if they can’t they have no reason not to use a private company!

Gizmodo “Pence cited a few reasons to go to the Moon—though the largest is essentially because Americans should be the best!”

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GizmodoLet me be clear the first woman and the next man on the moon will both be American astronauts launched by American rockets from American soil” Pence said.”

Let’s go ladies! It is been a long time since the last human was on the moon… 1972. The time is now to get a fresh new flag planted on that beautiful rock!

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