Starter is BACK… Thank you AAF!

Not only is the AAF bringing back real football hitting… They have brought back every 90 kids favorite gear!


If you grew up in the 90’s and didn’t have a Starter jacket… Did you even breath air? Did you even live in the 90’s?

A Starter jacket was a sign of greatness. It meant you belonged, it meant you were one of the cool kids. It was like a kid’s tuxedo.

Hell I went to my mothers house not too long ago and there it was, my Dallas Cowboys Starter jacket hanging in the basement closet. So you know I had to immediately try to put it on. (Didn’t workout well.)

But this weekend, watching the AAF, I saw it…

Image – Wikipedia

The greatest logo in sports history. Yeah the Nike swoosh is cool, ADDIAS has their thing but there is no logo that pops like the the Starter logo.

Image –

Seeing that logo on every jersey made me feel like a kid again, (like one of the cool kids of course.)

I was pumped about the AAF enough after some of the hits and the “Orlando Special” but bringing Starter back into our lives put it over the top and won my heart!

Image – AAF

-Kmess “That Guy”

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