Guy Gets Caught Cheating, Girl Gets Sweet Revenge


This is the most entertaining thing to happen on the internet last night. Not Kanye losing his mind. Nah it was Santos getting exposed.

So mush happening here let’s break it down.

First we have the “dude has no idea he’s about to get bodied” smirk.

Then as she starts her speech my absolute favorite moment of the entire ordeal. Our hero says “I would like to thank Santos” *Raises his hand* LOLOLOL

So then she drops the bombshell. Santos is a fuckboi. So as he is finding all this out in front of all her friends he has one chance to say something. What does Santy go with? He hits with “Oh that’s not good.”

Lastly we had these two.

On the left you have the girl that clearly wrote the note. She’s been on Santos’ shit from day one.

Next to her you have Edgar. Edgar nearly shit his pants when our hero said his name. Saw his life flash before his eyes.

So kudos to this chick and happy birthday by the way. Feel like that got lost in all of this.

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