Confirmed: Curling is LIT!

A foursome of Canadian curlers were given the boot from competition because they were absolutely shitfaced.

I’ll be honest, I never gave a shit about Curling until this past Winter Olympics.  I really got into it.  I found myself at the bar numerous times cheering for the USA Curling Team just hammering beers.  I only understood like two of the rules, but I still lived for that shit for like two weeks straight.

Andrew P. Scott-USA TODAY Sports

This guy fucks.  Who wouldn’t want to take a ride on that mustache?  I never knew I could get so jazzed up over people sliding a stone down a lane of ice.

I also didn’t know that the actual players get as jazzed up as I do.  Some Canadian foursome got kicked out of a Curling competition because they were too shitfaced.  Apparently they trashed their locker room, were breaking the brooms, and cursing up a storm.  Just going absolutely fucking HAM on ’em.

Like come on, let these dudes have some fun.  Curling is probably one of the most boring sports out there, so if these Canucks want to go full send while sending their stones down the ice, I say LET THEM LIVE.

This may actually help Curling gain some more fans.  Average Joe’s like to feel connected to their sports idols.  So if they can bond over smashing a two-four of Labatt Blue’s, don’t get in a kerfuffle over it, just give’er!  Eh!

Featured Photo – @CBCCalgary Twitter

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