Caris LeVert’s Injury Last Night Is One Man’s Fault….

Last night the Net’s player Caris LeVert landed awkwardly and as a result, severely injured his leg. If you haven’t seen this clip yet, against my better judgement, here it is.

Poor kid can’t seem to catch a break. He dealt with injuries during his time at Michigan and even in his rookie season. It’s also a shame because the kid was playing some really good basketball. Over the last 10 games he was averaging in the high 20’s and was a bright spot for the squad.

These types of freak accidents like what happened to Gordon Hayward opening night last year are just that, accidents. No one can see this type of heartbreaking tragedy coming right?

Incorrect. One man is to blame for what we witnessed last night and I will stop at nothing until he is out of the league. Lightning doesn’t strike twice, but Derrick Rose does. Three times in fact. Check the stats.

Hmmmmmmm, a little odd if you ask me. Numbers just don’t lie, Rose clearly will stop at nothing until he’s Tonya Harding-ed his way through the entire Eastern conference. Just goes back to what I said before, Derrick Rose is the most selfish player in the NBA. Might as well add most dangerous too. Adam Silver only has one option after last night. Permanent ban from the league for life. Do the right thing Adam. Do the right thing.

P.S. If you don’t understand sarcasm stop reading this site.

P.P.S Thoughts for this kid. Injuries like this are so difficult but LeVert seems like he has a shit ton of grit. Hopefully we see him back at some point next season. Stronger than ever

Featured Image: NewsFuse twitter

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