Stay Calm Irish Nation

We woke up this morning to shocking news…

And the first thing that came to my mind was Michael Scott.

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But I have since calmed down. We must have faith. We all knew once Ian Book took over as the starting QB, that Brandon Wimbush would have another opportunity to help this team this season.

And here it is.

Book is out for Saturday against Florida State due to an undisclosed injury. But, it is assumed he will be back for the following game at Yankee Stadium against Syracuse.

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So this is Wimbush’s chance. It’s not like he is a freshman stepping in to save the season. Brandon is a senior. Brandon was last year’s starter and Brandon started this season. He is very capable.

Wimbush has started 16 games and won 12 of them. Including the huge win over Michigan to start the season, where he won the game ball.

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He prepares each week as if he is the starter, and has probably known before us that he was going to start this game. Yes the offense may look different but that doesn’t mean they can’t win that way again.

The elements will also be on the side of the Irish. 32 degrees and snow, perfect for Wimbush and the running backs to move the ball on the ground all game. Those Florida boys will be awfully cold for this night game in South Bend.

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Am I happy Book is out? Hell no. But am I confident in Wimbush? Absolutely. I feel this team will find a way to win with their defense and making enough plays on offense to keep this special season alive.

Our Irish Insider and even keel Irish fan Ryan Lachner will be in the building Saturday night… Worst comes to worst he’s a former QB that can answer the call if needed.

WAKE UP THE ECHOS and keep the faith.

GO IRISH… BEAT seminals.

-Kevin “That Irish Guy”

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