Dallas Week: Top Five

Here in Philly, Dallas week is in full force.

There’s been a lot of talk throughout the week about if the Eagles/Cowboys rivalry was still alive.

Some say the Giants are the Eagles true rival, and while I respect that opinion, I don’t agree with it. I saw the Giants win two Super Bowls. I hated it and was completely jealous, but life went on. If the Cowboys won the Super Bowl again, I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed for a week!

Let me put this as clear as I possibly can…..  I HATE the Dallas Cowboys more than any sports team on earth.

Hatred for the Cowboys is something that Philadelphians are born with.

When the Cowboys lost to the Packers in the 2016 divisional round…

…..I was in an Eagles bar in Chicago with a group of rabid Eagles fans. By the way we reacted to the ending of that game you would have thought the Eagles were the ones headed to the NFC Championship Game.

I always thought that maybe if the Eagles won a Super Bowl it would ease some of the hate…….

….. nope, just as strong as ever.

No game on the schedule means more than the ones that read @ Dallas and vs Dallas.

Sure, the rivalry is one sided, but it’s a rivalry that’s very much alive in the City of Brotherly Love.

Before we look forward to Sunday Night, it is always fun to take a look back at the history of Eagles-Cowboys.

The only thing I hate more than the Cowboys… is losing to the Cowboys.

Here’s my top 5 worst Eagles losses vs the Cowboys.

# 5. Chip, you suck!

September 20th, 2015

Eagles -5

Lincoln Financial Field

Cowboys 20 Eagles 10

This was the worst Eagles game I have ever attended. The Eagles were coming off a Monday Night loss to the Falcons with Sam Bradford under center.

It was during this game that I finally realized that Chip Kelly was a complete disaster.


# 4. Thanksgiving Revenge 

December 14th, 2014

Eagles -3

Lincoln Financial Field

Cowboys 38, Eagles 27

Two weeks prior we were flying high after the Eagles beat the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day.

Well.. the Cowboys got their revenge and won the division in the process.

The Mark Sanchez/Chip era was the darkest of times.

# 3. My seventh birthday 

January 7th, 1996 (Divisional Round of the playoffs)

Cowboys -13.5

Texas Stadium

Cowboys 30 Eagles 11

Yes, I know the Eagles had no shot in this game, but it still sucked. It was my seventh freaking birthday!!!

Poor seven-year-old Glock had to watch this shit during the blizzard of ’96 on my birthday!!!

No birthday party thanks to 4 feet of snow, and a 30-11 loss to the Cowboys!!!

Can you see why I hate this team? #NeverForget

# 2.  First of two 

January 3rd, 2010

Cowboys -3

Cowboys Stadium

Cowboys 24, Eagles 0

This was for the division and the Eagles got completely embarrassed. It then set up a wild card round match-up with the Cowboys one week later again @ Cowboys Stadium.

#1. The air guitar 

January 9th, 2010

Cowboys -3.5

Cowboys Stadium

Cowboys 34, Eagles 14

Another total embarrassment. The Eagles were not only knocked out the playoffs, but they lost to the Cowboys twice in one week.

For good vibes heading into Sunday, here’s my list of the top 5 Eagles WINS over the hated Cowboys.

# 5. Merry Christmas, Tony Romo 

Monday December 25th, 2006

Cowboys -7

Texas Stadium

Week 16

The Eagles had a record of  5-5 when Jeff Garcia took over for an injured Donovan McNabb. After a rough first start,  three straight wins set up a Christmas Day showdown with the Cowboys. This game had a ton of hype. It was a battle for first place that featured Andy Reid vs Bill Parcells, and Terrell Owens vs his old team.

The Eagles gave their fans the perfect Christmas gift; a beat-down of the Dallas Cowboys.

Final score: Eagles 23, Cowboys 7

# 4. Fourth down twice

Sunday December 10th, 1995

Cowboys -9

Veterans Stadium

Week 15

The Cowboys came into Vet Stadium as cocky as ever, having won the last 7 meetings vs the Eagles, and a 9 point favorite. The Eagles trailed 17-3, but came all the way back to tie it at 17.

However, this game will be forever known for Barry Switzer’s decision to go for it on 4th and 1 (twice) from his own 29 yard line with 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter of a tie game.

The Eagles would stuff Emmitt Smith, but the Cowboys were bailed out thanks to the two minute warning. Then Switzer decided to run the same exact play, and Smith was stuffed for a second time!

The Eagles offense took over, and the rest was history.

Final score: Eagles 20, Cowboys 17

This win would propel the Eagles into the playoffs. They would beat the Lions @ the Vet in the Wild Card round, setting up a Divisional round showdown that the Eagles would go on to lose…. on my freaking birthday!!!!!!


#3. The Pickle Juice Game

Sunday September 3rd, 2000

Cowboys -6

Texas Stadium

Week 1

This wasn’t a game to decide the division or a game for any championship, but this win was just as important. After a decade of Cowboys dominance, the pickle juice game was a changing of the guard in the NFC East, and ushered in a new era of Philadelphia Eagles football.

Eagles 41, Cowboys 14


#2. The Miracle

Sunday December 28th, 2008

Eagles -2

Lincoln Financial Field

Week 17

I was in the parking lot on this day. No one believed that the Eagles would be playing a meaningful game when the 4 pm kickoff rolled around. The Eagles had lost the week prior in Washington, and needed both the Bucs (10.5 point favorite @ home vs the Raiders) and Bears (3 point dog @ Houston) to lose.

The energy outside Lincoln Financial Field continued to grow throughout the day as people surrounded any tailgate with a TV.

Somehow, the Bucs and Bears both lost, leaving the Eagles vs Cowboys as a winner-take-all game for the last remaining playoff spot!

In what seemed impossible at 1 pm, the Eagles had clinched a playoff berth, destroying  Dallas in the process.

Final score: Eagles 44, Cowboys 6



#1. The 1980 NFC Championship

Sunday, January 11th, 1981

Cowboys -2

Veterans Stadium

I wasn’t alive for this, but it has to be the # 1 Eagles win over Dallas.

Imagine if the Eagles played the Cowboys in the NFC championship again? Imagine that pressure??

Thankfully the Eagles came out victorious in this one and went on to the Super Bowl.

Final Score: Eagles 20, Cowboys 7

Sunday’s prime-time showdown is yet another chapter of this storied rivalry. Check back tomorrow for a full game preview!!!

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