Episode 3: USSR You Ready For Part 2

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Welcome back to the CGS Blog. In our last episode we discussed the gruesome deaths of 9 hikers, killed mysteriously deep in the Ural Mountains. Admittedly, the episode was a little dry. We covered the timeline and the people involved. Officially, we wanted to get the details out of the way so episode two could focus completely on the theories. In reality, we tried recording two shows in one night and let me tell you, it was a dismal failure. Sometimes, ambition gets the better of us so we decided to scale back our rate of production, rerecord episode three and hopefully make someone other than us laugh. Thanks for sticking with us.

So, with that out of the way, here we are at our second part of Dyatlov Pass. There are loads of theories out there as to why these people died. There is even more speculation as the notorious secrecy of the Soviet Union clamped down on the story. If we have learned anything from the 24 hour news cycle in the United States, in the absence of facts, facts are created. Just as necessity is the mother of invention, a lack of information is the father of speculation. To date no one has definitively cracked this case and we are probably no closer to answers now than the Soviet investigators were then.

Based purely on my own humble opinion, I have some idea as to why this enduring mystery is so hard to figure out. I believe that human beings are prolific problem solvers. The trick is, I believe that by nature, we often seek the simplest solution. This is beneficial when you need to figure out how to find a place to hide before a Mastodon stomps your prehistoric family into oblivion. However, when a problem becomes complex, like the brutal death of nine hikers with no smoking gun, it’s unlikely that there is a simple answer. Here we are, almost 60 years out, baffled by what the investigators of the time called “…an unknown compelling force”. Many people seek the simple answer, like military tests, ball lightning, or infrasound. Rarely do people consider a combination of ideas to find an explanation. In this episode, we explore the possibility that a number of contributing factors lead to one of the most compelling mysteries in Russian history.

Full disclosure, CGS Podcast has one purpose, to entertain. We are not going to solve this mystery. We had no intention of it. There are people who have spent thousands of hours researching this topic. We had a few weeks. What you’ll hear in this episode is a collection of theories, what those theories mean, and what we think might have happened. Anyway, we hope you love the show. We hope you laugh. We hope you learn a little bit and if you feel like helping us out, buy a T-shirt in the link below or subscribe to our Patreon at www.patreon.com/sargethedestroyer.


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