Philadelphia Crazy Person Howard Eskin Lost His Mind On Twitter Last Night Over Chewing Gum

If you live in the Philadelphia area you know Howard Eskin. You also probably know that he acts like a self-centered crazy person on a day to day basis. He dresses like a someone would if they were 30 years too old for the crowd they are trying to hang out in

He also is infamous around Philly sports media for being drastically wrong with his “sources”

And he of course has his very agressive and flat out shocking takes like Caitlyn Jenner is a freak show or Erin Anderws having a video taken of her changing was the best thing for her career.

Overall just a really bad guy is what we are getting out. So of course last night when Philly good reporter and better guy, Jimmy Kempski made what was clearly a lighthearted joke. Howard took it way too far and reacted like a 4 year old child.

“I’M NOT EATING, YOUR’RE EATING!!! I HATE YOU!!! NO ONE LIKES YOU!!” – Howard Eskin (probably). Never change Eskin. You make the rest of us look normal and sane.

PS. That is 100000000% the movement your jaw makes when you are secretly trying to eat something. No one on Earth chews gum that way.

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