Friday Night Frights!

Hey everyone! I’m sorry for missing last week (I know…you’re probably so devastated) but sometimes life just gets a little too crazy! None the less, here I am with another installment of Friday Night Frights! Tonight, is a great night for a horror flick as most of us are dealing with cool, cloudy, or even rainy, weather. Also, if you’re like me, you start getting hype for fall and more importantly Halloween, as soon as that calendar reads September 1st. For this week’s FNF, I ask you, “How far would you go to save the ones you love most?”. This is the question our protagonist faces in this week’s film, “Would You Rather”.

In this film, the main character Iris is struggling to care for her brother who is battling cancer. Their parents are deceased and funds are tight to say the least (sorry for the unintentional Seuss moment). So, she is trying to find anyway she can to afford treatment for him. Insert her not so white knight, in rusted armor. She speaks with a doctor regarding treatment for her brother, and the doc introduces her to a “wealthy benefactor” who may be able to help her with the financial struggles, as long as she attends a dinner party that he hosts.

Now, obviously this is red flag city, population this wealthy mother fucker, but after a bit of reluctance, they convince her (probably great wingmen). When she arrives, it becomes apparent that something peculiar is going on as all of the guests are totally random, and vary greatly in age, race etc. Some of the actors may be recognizable to you, from the likes of the show Gotham, or, your favorite adult film such as “This Ain’t Star Trek XXX”.

Now this isn’t an Oscar worthy film by any means and but it’s still highly entertaining. It’s not so much scary as it is tense and unsettling. There’s plenty of moments that will have you saying “fuck that”. Think Saw, but minus the brilliant twist ending…however, the ending is still a shock and makes you say, “Damn. What the fuck?”.  Something that definitely helps make it even better is really trying to put yourself in their shoes. They’re all there due to dire circumstances. So, given you were in the same position, how far would you go?

If you like movies that are kind of fucked, make you cringe, and ponder if you could make the same choices, then definitely check this out. It’s honestly better than most of the saw franchise. I wish I could share more but I like to be as spoiler free as possible and I can’t say much more without giving away too much. Just do me, yourself, and Netflix a favor by checking this film out tonight. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


Rating: 3.75 Butthole Puckers

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